An Idea

Google Analytics

I’ve been using Google analytics for a while now and I’m surprised that this is a free service. I suppose it gives Google a lot of stats for free as well. I mentioned in post that I was going to use this after someone asked me how I knew who was viewing my blog.

Some of the things you can see in the stats are country and city which is interesting to see how wide the audience is. You can also see what Web browser readers are using and if it is on a mobile device.

Chrome is the most popular browser at the moment followed by android browser then Internet explorer.

A follow-up

I spoke in a previous post about Twitter and asked who uses it. I didn’t get any direct comments on the blog. I think people reading aren’t into commenting. I understand this as I rarely leave comments on blogs, just read others.

Someone I know got back to me with a solution for what I’m doing wrong. I had said that it was sometimes hard to keep up with all the tweets when you start following a lot of people.

Twitter allows you to create lists which you can then categorise into people that you follow. I knew about lists just didn’t know what to use them for. There is also an app that I use that’s called tweetdeck for android and for iPhone. This allows you to view Twitter and Facebook in the same place. The app also allows you to add columns so each list created in Twitter can be in a different column.

I haven’t tried this yet but hopefully someone will find it useful. I’m too busy working on the website idea!

Will I get the site developed?

So back on to what this blog is supposed to be about. Creating a website. I’ve mentioned that funding is available but it is geared up towards helping existing businesses.

This meant that I was going to have to get a loan to do what I wanted, but I don’t want to go down that road. So as a compromise I have looked at all the functionality in my idea and reduced it where I could without losing the overall concept of the site. I think I have managed to this without compromising the original idea.

I have been back in touch with the web designers. They have given me a new quote that is something I can stretch to without having to borrow money.

So what happens now? I don’t actually know. I’ll have to start thinking about a marketing strategy to get people using the site. I already have some ideas but they are probably too expensive at this moment in time so most of it is going to be done via social media. Seems the best way. I’ll have to target people I know first and then get the message on forums.

I still don’t want to give too much away so it won’t be easy. Because I have had to cut some of the functionality out it won’t do everything I want, but if it is successful then I’ll be able to attract the type of funding I mentioned here as I’ll be a business.

So while I am doing this the designers will be writing a spec, making wire frame designs and coming up with a logo and branding.

I have friends and colleagues that I will be giving more details to as I know they can help. Some have already offered to help and I’ll be taking them up on the offer at some point. That is when it will be worrying for me if they spot a fatal floor in my idea when I’ve have handed over the money. Hope they will see my vision and eventually everyone will.

It’s not a revolutionary idea just something that most people will find useful and hopefully be able to have some fun with.

What’s in a name?

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking of a name for my site. To start off with it was relevant names that told you what site was about. Then I went on to another name that has nothing to do with it. I even started arranging letters that looked good together.

I’ll reveal some of the names when things get going a bit more as I don’t want to give anything away yet. I suppose if it is random letters it won’t matter though.

At this moment I have a name that I like and I’ve had mixed reviews of it but mainly positive.

Now brings me on to the dot. What is best? .com is king but who types a full web address nowadays. Google normally finds it for you.

It isn’t as simple as that for a start-up website. You need to submit your website to search engines and Google isn’t the only one. Microsoft’s Bing and yahoo are two I can think of straight away. I’ve submitted my tumblr address to google and Bing. At the time of writing this on google search ‘ad-rocks’ gets me on the second page and ‘adrocks anidea’ the first.

I was talking to someone that had read my blog on google+. He has a company called that specialises in getting you higher on a search page. The business is SEO search engine optimization. These companies have lots of ways to get you to the top of the returned search list. Back on track .com .net .org or These are the favoured extensions but does it matter if you are not a .com? Let me know what you think.

What’s my concept?

I’ve been thinking about a hook that is going to make my site stand out from the crowd.

If anyone has watched the film ‘social network’ you might know what I mean. It’s about Facebook. There is one scene where one of Mark Zuckerberg’s friend asks him if he knows a girl that is in one of his classes. He then asks Zuckerberg if he’ll tell her that he thinks she’s cute. Zuckerberg rushes back to his apartment leaving the guy standing there - to add the now infamous like button to Facebook. A moment of genius all because someone asked the right question at the right time. I loved that scene and hope that there is some truth to it.

I have found this happening to me not on such an epic scale but it makes me think oh I need to put that on the site somewhere.

I suppose it’s more things like adding the like button and Google analytics. Nothing that is totally original yet.

If I ever get any inspiration from someone I always try and jot it down as soon as I can.

Ninja’s Unboxing: History (by PatrickBoivin)

If you liked the last video here is a link to 3 others. The second and third being pretty creative.

Dr Paul unboxes the Nexus 7 (by PatrickBoivin)

Well I’ve ordered on of these and I hope it isn’t quite as dramatic when it turns up.

Funny though. Might do a review if I get the time.

Twitter who uses it?

I’ve had a twitter account for about 4 years now. I thought I’d follow Steven Fry and it grew from there.

I quite like it but when you follow too many people it’s sometimes hard to keep up with all the tweets. I mainly use it for finding out the latest developments in technology and keeping up to date with music. I also find it good for breaking news.

I didn’t really use it for the first year, then a couple of people at work signed up and it became fun especially on nights out.

Then one of them decided to pay to get me mentioned on twitter for charity. It was basically an insult by a well known tweeter.

Here it is.

I found the funny side.

I’d be interested to hear if anyone else uses it or why you don’t use it?

Leave something in the comments below. ↓

Reaching a wider audience

So I’ve been looking at the Google analytics’ stats over the last week. They aren’t as bad as they could have been. Definitely a great tool to monitor who’s visiting your site. I said I might mention how many visitors I’ve had so here it is, 66 unique visitors. I would take about 4 off that list as I seem to be tracked when amending or adding new content on a PC. I have had a total of 121 visits some obviously being repeat readers.

Now is the hard part attracting more readers and keeping existing ones. Good content is a must but I’m not a writer so that is going to be hard. I have noticed that when I share the link on social media sites more people have a look.

Another thing I read was that adding your URL to a search engine helps to be found via a search.

This brings me on to another thing that is really important but can be time consuming. Words and phrases used in the blog will get you higher in a search engine listing. There is another Google tool called google keyword tool ( ) that can be use for this. Give it a go see what your words or phrases could be worth when attached to advertising.

Business to business could be worth more when written like business 2 business. This is because the people that use the number are more likely to click on a related link. 

I thought I would add another picture today. Bitly is a great way to shorten your web addresses and track how many clicks they get.


A lot of people use this but I thought it was just to shorten URLs. Knowing how many people have clicked your link can be useful for sales and seeing where your links are working.

I thought I would add another picture today. Bitly is a great way to shorten your web addresses and track how many clicks they get.


A lot of people use this but I thought it was just to shorten URLs. Knowing how many people have clicked your link can be useful for sales and seeing where your links are working.